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This text for position only. Our latest addition SpinFIT is not your traditional spin class! Classes will include cycling incorporated with weights and body weight. It’s cycling FIT House style! Classes will be high energy, fast- paced and FUN!  Be sure to reserve a bike on MINDBODY as space is limited! Spin studio: 817 4th St, Davis

SpinFIT Etiquette – As a courtesy to both the instructor and your fellow riders, please observe the following SpinFit rules of etiquette:

  • Sign-up online to reserve your bike for any of our SpinFIT classes
  • If you are unable to attend a class and have a bike reservation, please cancel it by 9pm the night before so that another rider can take your place. Due to the increased demand of our classes, a $15 late cancel fee will be charged if canceled after 9pm the night before class. Please arrive to class early. Any unclaimed bikes will be released 5 minutes prior to the start of class.
  • Due to safety concerns, no riders under 4’10” will be allowed on the bikes
  • Keep your bike clean by wiping it down after each ride
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get a list of upcoming Spinfit classes from MindBody

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