Rock Your Jeans


Get ready to lose TWO jeans sizes in only EIGHT weeks!

Our staff of specialized instructors are experts in exercise, nutrition and overall well-being, and are ready to start you on a comprehensive, life-changing health and fitness program designed to help you look and feel better in 2017! One of our most popular and successful programs is ready to ROCK IT again! Get stronger, feel better, eat healthier! What are YOU waiting for? You can do this! Get ready to Rock Your Jeans – and love the results! Our program has a 100% success rate when you follow the meal plans and work out weekly.

Winter Session 2018:

Need to reboot after the holidays? Our next Rock Your Jeans session begins January 15 through March 12, 2018. We are also offering a 4-week session either at the beginning of the session or the last four weeks.

Join us Tuesday, January 9th at 7 p.m. for our “Discover Rock Your Jeans” information night where our FIT House certified instructors and trainers will lay the information groundwork to your success. We are here to answer your questions. No obligation.

You will begin the meal plan and exercise program starting January 15. We will officially “kick off” with you on Tuesday, January 16th from 7-8 p.m. at our weekly “Sweat and Support” workshop. Dress to workout and bring your jeans with you. Sign up for the program ahead of time at the studio or sign up on January 9th.

The Rules Are Simple.
  • Purchase a pair of jeans TWO SIZES too small or bring a pair of old jeans that no longer fit to the Rock Your Jeans kick-off night. You’ll try them on there.
  • We keep your jeans at FIT House for the duration of the program!  (Participants will have the opportunity to try on their jeans half-way through to check on their progress.)
  • Attend five classes per week. We offer ONE 5-class per week pass, which is 4 (four) exercise and workout classes of your choice, and 1 (one)  nutrition / exercise “Sweat and Support” workshop held each Tuesday from 7-8 p.m., designed by our certified FIT House instructors and trainers.
  • Follow the eight-week meal plan guide.
Get FIT!

At the end of eight weeks, FIT House will host a reception (with healthy food!) for all participants.

This is your opportunity to reflect on your hard work and show off those jeans.

Do you want to participate in this program but don’t have two jeans sizes to lose?  That’s okay!  FIT House trainers will work with you to set a challenging goal at the beginning of the session!  Can’t make it to Kick-Off Night?  That’s okay!  We’ll set up an alternate time to meet with you!

Not sure you want to participate?  Have more questions before you commit?  Email Colleen, RYJ Program Coordinator at [email protected]

$595 / 8 week session
< class="desc-text ">FIT House offers ONE 5-class per week session. It will be four workouts or classes you choose, plus a weekly “Sweat and Support” nutrition and exercise workshop designed by FIT House instructors – just for our RYJ group!
  • $350 / 4-week session
  • Returning/former RYJ clients = 15% discount purchasing 5-class pass only
    (not RYJ/MissFIT combo)
  • Current MissFIT members: 3 classes per week (your choice of 2 workouts) + 1 S&S workshop = $475
    (RYJ fee only)
  • No UCD student / staff discounts available for Rock Your Jeans.