SpinFIT utilizes the best equipment and the most qualified instructors for a cardio-based indoor cycling program that gives participants a full-body workout!
Sign-up for the week begins at 1pm on Saturdays!


SpinFIT is not your traditional spin class! It is a total body workout. Classes will include cycling incorporated with weights and body weight. It’s cycling FIT House style! High energy, fast-paced and FUN!

Build strength, increase endurance, release tension, and create more flexibility in the entire body!

Come prepared to have fun, sweat, push your limits, step outside your comfort zone and realize what your body and mind are capable of achieving!

bFIT is a bootcamp-style class designed to encourage and support you while you use muscles you forgot existed.

BarreFIT is a high-energy, no-impact cardio and strength class that combines barre work with light weights (lots of reps), and stretching.

MissFIT includes walking, 5k and 10k running classes for all levels and for new and returning runners/walkers.

FIT House is excited to announce its comprehensive health and fitness program designed to help you look and feel better in 2017!

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The Baptiste Institute’s 200 hour Training Program is an extraordinary and NEW opportunity for you to learn how to lead and teach a powerful 90 minute Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga class.

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I love FIT House because everyone is always smiling and supporting each other. FIT House hits just the right mix of power and zen meditation.
Testimonial by Ethan
The instructors at FIT House are vibrant, inspiring, and really get me moving. It's a community that values health and happiness.
Testimonial by Shannon
FIT House has it all and I try to do it all. I love the great selection of classes and styles of instructors, depending on my mood.
Testimonial by Gail